Dateline Florida

Published January 17, 2007

Man helps rescue dog that was buried alive in neighbor's yard

A Pensacola man doing yard work heard the sound of whimpering coming from his neighbor's yard. It turned out to be a dog. Buried alive. In his neighbor's back yard. Robbie Wilson said he peeked over his fence and saw the dog's nose poking out of the ground Sunday, a day after he first heard the cries for help. With the help of a friend and an animal control officer, the dog was rescued and is being treated for dehydration. His new caregivers call him Lazarus. An animal abuse investigation is underway.

FAU receives record $16-million donation

Florida Atlantic University, based in Boca Raton, is celebrating a donation windfall. Philanthropists Carole and Barry Kaye, longtime FAU supporters, are giving the College of Business $16-million. It is the largest donation in FAU's history, and with state matching dollars it could total up to $32-million. The business college, which enrolls 6,400 students, will bear Barry Kaye's name. He knows his stuff. A longtime leader in the insurance and estate planning fields, Kaye has written eight books with titles like Live Rich and Wealth Creation & Preservation.

Officer's lesson: No good deed goes uninvestigated

A Bradenton officer who tried to help a homeless woman save her few worldly possessions is the butt of jokes among colleagues - and the subject of an internal affairs investigation. Officer Nicholas Evans arrested Marie Brooks on an outstanding warrant last week and took her to jail, pulling her shopping cart full of possessions alongside his police cruiser for 12 miles. The trip took him an hour. Police are looking into whether Evans should be reprimanded for inappropriate conduct. The act also made Evans the butt of jokes among peers. Evans, a three-year veteran officer who works the overnight shift, told his bosses he first tried to find someone to take the cart and took it with him so she wouldn't lose everything she owns.