Hitting a high shot

Weekly advice from area pros to improve your game.

Published January 25, 2007

Many times golfers are faced with a situation that requires a shot with a higher trajectory than normal. At my home course, players face elevated greens which require high, soft shots. The following points can assist a player in pulling off this difficult shot, although trying it may be risky. Be certain you are not hitting off a tight lie before attempting this shot.

1. Play the ball slightly more forward in your stance.

2. Hands should be level with or even slightly behind the ball at address.

3. Feel as if you strike the ball slightly on the upswing.

4. Stay behind the ball through impact.

5. Favor an open club face and an open stance to increase height even more.

Favorite local course other than home: Lake Jovita (South Course). The first hole is a beautiful downhill winding par 4 over a marsh area to an elevated green protected by a large bunker.

Favorite course nationally: Pine Valley Golf Club, Pine Valley, N.J.

Favorite course in the world: Lahinch Golf Club, Lahinch, Ireland.

Best golfing advice ever received: Do not attempt to make swing changes on the course.

-- Jim Slattery is director of golf at Belleair Country Club and is the 2006 North Florida PGA Golf Professional of the Year. He also is a former president of the West Central Chapter PGA.