District puts students on the move

Plans for two new schools will affect hundreds of families.

Published January 26, 2007

School district officials are set to present boundary changes for schools in northwest Hillsborough.

Two new schools are opening over the next two years to ease the area's already-crowded schools.

So, it's time to shuffle students.

Officials plan to dish details at a meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Walker Middle School, 8282 N Mobley Road.

The district's two new schools are necessitating the shift: James A. Hammond Elementary School, scheduled to open in August on the Walker Middle School campus; and yet-unnamed Middle School "RR," which is set to open on the Citrus Park Elementary campus in 2008.

The new attendance lines will affect hundreds of students at five existing middle schools and three elementary schools.

Steve Ayers, director of pupil administrative services for the school district, anticipates the moves will go something like this:

- Davidsen Middle School will receive 342 students from Farnell Middle School. A majority of those students live south of W Waters, north of Memorial Highway and west of Sheldon Road.

- Davidsen will lose another 549 students to Middle School RR. A majority of those students live in an area south of Gunn Highway, east of Sheldon, west of Henderson Road and north of W Waters.

- Another 93 students in the southern part of the Farnell attendance zone, south of Hillsborough, will move to Webb Middle School.

- 306 Martinez Middle School students living in the area west of Gunn Highway, north of Tarpon Springs Road east of Crawley Road will attend Walker.

- 485 Walker students in the southern-most section of the school's current attendance zone - generally, south of Ehrlich Road - will move to Middle School RR.

When Hammond opens, it will draw a total of 576 students from Citrus Park, McKitrick and Schwarzkopf elementary schools.

Affected students include:

- 114 attending Schwarzkopf, generally west of the Suncoast Parkway, who live in the neighborhoods of Canterbury Woods, Van Dyke Farms and Canterbury

- 202 attending Citrus Park who live south of N Mobley Road and south of Tarpon Springs and west of Crawley Road and west of Gunn Highway, and north of S Mobley Road/Patterson Road in that school's northern-most attendance zone

- 260 attending McKitrick, generally west of the Suncoast Parkway, who live in the neighborhoods of Wyndham Lakes, Stillwater, Montreux, Keystone Terrace and Keystone Park

Officials will allot time for audience comment at Wednesday's meeting but nothing will be decided that evening.

Ayers hopes to have the proposed boundaries plan before the School Board for a decision by Feb. 13.

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Over the next two years, the county will have two new schools, James A. Hammond Elementary School and Middle School "RR," which hasn't been named yet. Here's a look at how school populations would shift as the district moves 1,034 students to Middle School "RR" and 576 to Hammond, according to Steve Ayers, director of pupil administrative services:



Net losses and gains in populations because of Middle School "RR":










Citrus Park




Net losses in populations because of Hammond: