Ranking the clubs

Published February 1, 2007

Fast Facts:


Rankmark rankings

Rankmark tests clubs by getting feedback from everyday golfers, typically in two handicap groupings. The results are compiled for drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, hybrids and putters. Here are the top performers in each category, by handicap grouping:

To see all of the results, visit rankmark.com and click on test results. Prices listed are manufacturers suggested retail.

Low handicap

Club type High handicap
0-10: Titleist 905T $399 Drivers 11 and above: TaylorMade r5 $199
0-9: Callaway Fusion $299 Fairway woods 10-20: Callaway Fusion $299
0-10: Cleveland CG4 $699 Irons 11 and above: TaylorMade rac OS $399
0-9: Cleveland Tour Action $119 Wedges 10-20: Cleveland Tour Action $119
0-10: Guerin Rife 2-Bar Mallet $179 Putters 11 and above: Never Compromise GM2 $229
Hybrids (no handicap distinction)

Sonartec MD $200