The key to accurate tee shots

Published February 1, 2007

Most high handicappers can only predict the direction their ball will turn most of the time. If you know the ball is going to slice, don't set up in the middle of the tee box and aim for the middle of the fairway.

Instead, tee your ball a foot or so away from the right-hand tee marker if you are right-handed or the left tee marker if you are left-handed. This gives you more room for the ball to turn and still stay in play. It will also improve your alignment.

Notice that the amount the ball turns has decreased as well. Next, instead of simply targeting the fairway, pick a specific target where if you hit your normal shot it will put you in the fairway. If you can focus on these two little keys, this will help you achieve more accuracy.

Kennie Sims is the director of golf at Babe Zaharias Golf Club and is the 2006 NFPGA winner of the Bill Strausbaugh Award. He can be reached at 813 631-4374 or by e-mail at: ksims@TampaSportsAuthority.com

Favorite area course other than home: Copperhead at Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor.

Favorite course nationally: Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina.

Best golf advice you have received: The game changed for me when I saw Jack Nicklaus take a divot at the 1974 PGA Championship being played at the Canterbury CC in Cleveland.