A little song, a little dance, a movie that pimps underpants

Published February 2, 2007

So many events going on in Tampa Bay this week, so few deserving a full column. What's the answer? Smorgasbord! A new movie and a few short bits on the music scene: Everyone gets a little love from Daddy.

'Because I Said So'

This Diane Keaton-Mandy Moore comedy opens in theaters today, and from the commercials, it looks pretty lame - at least if you're like me. Which means, you happen to sport the Y chromosome.

This horribly-titled chick flick was directed by Michael Lehmann, which might be interesting because he also directed 1989's beloved black comedy Heathers. But really it's not, because Lehmann also hasn't directed anything worth noting since ... um ... Heathers.

Angered Michael Lehmann fans: If you're going to make a case for The Truth About Cats and Dogs, I'll listen, at least. Airheads? No. Hudson Hawk? Oh, please.

Actually interesting: The film has an odd marketing tie-in with a Web site called custom-panties.com, where - that's right - one can purchase panties "inspired by" the film. Honestly, people, even I had to check with myself to make sure I wasn't making this up.

Though it does make me wonder whether this panties issue is a plot point of some sort. And to hope it doesn't relate to Diane Keaton, who doesn't look bad at all for 61, but - um, did I mention she's 61?

(And don't get me started on the baby-butt skin she's sporting on the poster. I didn't know they made a version of Photoshop that powerful.)

But more to the point, Miss Moore is insanely cute. (And, more important, 21.) Also, Gilmore Girls super-hottie Lauren Graham is in the cast, not to mention the fairly yummy Piper Perabo of Coyote Ugly, so actually ... well ... I'm still not going to see it. (But a few months from now, I will be fast-forwarding through the DVD, hoping for a pillow fight scene. Is that so wrong?)

The Lemonheads

... actually consist now of only the head 'head, Evan Dando, the alt-rock dreamboat of the early '90s. After a battle with drug addiction and a spotty solo career, the singer-songwriter resurrected the Lemonheads name with new members for a new album and tour in 2006.

Dando wasn't just a pretty face; he wrote a lot of great tunes over the years, and the 1992 album It's a Shame About Ray is a classic. He's playing St. Petersburg's State Theater tonight at 8; if Dando's even half the 'head of lore, the $18 ticket is a bargain. And here's hoping he plays 6ix, a song consisting almost entirely of the lyric Here comes Gwyneth's head / in a box.

Rich Little

... is still alive. I had no idea, either. Catch the 68-year-old impressionist at Lakeland Center's Youkey Theatre on Wednesday at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Expect the usual Johnny Carson and Jack Nicholson bits, but hope he's added Mini Me or 50 Cent to the repertoire. Tickets are $34-$62.


... is back at Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall, again, all of 752 years after the release of its first disc. Chicago XXX came out last year, and unfortunately it is not the band's "porno" album.

It's the same roman numerals shtick the guys have been running since 1970, even though there's been no reason IV paying attention II Chicago because Peter Cetera jumped ship in MCMLXXXV. After that, the crew pretty much VIII it. Thursday, 8 p.m. Tickets $50-$85.

Reel Big Fish

... was a reel big deal for about 30 seconds a decade ago, when the ska-punk band's Sell Out blew up. Maybe the Fishies should have sold out more, because they never charted again. Give them credit for titling their 2005 best-of album Greatest Hit ... and More. The Fish play Thursday, the opening day of the Florida State Fair, and you can't beat the $5 admission. The show is 8 p.m. in the Entertainment Hall.

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