Park cooks up a grand view

Published February 2, 2007

You know IT when you find IT: It's something unique, something out of the way, something you could find only at one place in the Brandon and South Shore area. Send your picks, finds and hidden treasures to brandon@sptimes.com.


Take U.S. 41 south through Gibsonton. Hang a right on Isabel Avenue. Pass the mobile homes and chain-link fences and crazy-eyed dogs.

Trust us.

Park in the dirt lot on the left by the sign that says the Kitchen.

Step over the wire and walk toward the bay.

Follow the low-grass path through black-trunked palm trees and watch the waxwings dance on the wind.

See that hill? Go up and don't stop.

See the next one?

Up you go, to the plateau, and here it comes, in an unlikely place on the edge of Gibsonton.

The best view in Tampa Bay.