Identities of some of the 19 victims

Published February 3, 2007

1. Emily Elizabeth Halvorson, 77, of Lady Lake, a retired cosmetologist from Gaylord, Mich. Halvorson lived in the Sunshine Mobile Home Park and was killed when a tree fell on her home.

2. Donald Downing, 46, of Lake Mack, a plasterer.

3. Carla Downing, 35, of Lake Mack, Donald's wife.

4. David Downing, 15, of Lake Mack, a student at Umatilla High School, son of Donald and Carla and a fraternal triplet. David's two sisters, Heather and Kayla, survived.

5. Brittany May, 17, of Lady Lake, a student at Leesburg High School. Her MySpace Web site identifies her as HorseLover1989, the year of her birth.

6. Bernice Marshall, 87, lived in the Sunshine Mobile Home Park in Lady Lake. Marshall, formerly of Whitefield, N.H., was swept from her home by the wind and thrown into a ditch.

7. William J. "Billy" Nolan, 37, of Paisley, a building contractor.

8. William J. Nolan Jr., 7, William Nolan's son, a second-grader at Spring Creek Elementary School. A neighbor pulled father and son from their demolished home.