But did the tune from 'Jaws' play in their heads?

Published February 6, 2007

FORT MYERS BEACH -The crew of a shrimping boat had to be rescued after a shark took out the ship's propeller and caused the boat to take on water.

Captain Roger Schmall said a group of sharks had been slamming into the Christy Nichole's hull for four days, the News-Press of Fort Myers reported. But then a 14-foot bull shark broke the boat's tail shaft, leaving Schmall and his crew of two adrift about 100 miles off the coast.

"It's pretty scary when you're sitting there and you got all that water coming in," Schmall said.

Schmall radioed for help, and another vessel picked the crew up about two hours later.

He abandoned ship, and the boat he had owned for 12 years eventually sank.