Deadline for magnets won't be extended

Published February 6, 2007


The school district has decided not to extend the deadline for magnet, fundamental and career academy programs despite a five-hour computer glitch that shut down an automated phone system on Saturday, the last day of the application period.

"The phone system was back on line around 4:45 p.m.," district spokeswoman Andrea Zahn said. "Parents had ample time between 5 and midnight to make calls." Zahn blamed the problem on a device that shuts the computer system down when it becomes overheated.


Annexation challenge to proceed, judge says

A Pinellas-Pasco circuit judge ruled Monday that a challenge to Largo's annexation of a mobile home park will move forward.

Key Largo Communities, which bought the Sunpiper Mobile Home Park in late June, challenged the 2005 annexation following a code enforcement crackdown this past summer.

"This is a major victory for Key Largo and for the citizens and for due process," said Key Largo's attorney, Brian Battaglia.

Despite the setback, City Attorney Alan Zimmet said the annexation will be upheld.


New Pasco schools stretch music budget

The Pasco County School Board is scheduled to approve a contract worth up to $1.3-million for new musical instruments.

The bulk of the contract will go to five schools that will open this fall.

Board Chairwoman Marge Whaley acknowledged that instruments don't last forever. But she also noted that their cost makes it near impossible to meet the demand.

A tenor trombone lists at $384, marching quints (drums) cost $934, and a concert tuba gets $4,698.


Golf courses exceed Swiftmud limits

In an effort to keep the greens green through the drought, golf courses throughout the region guzzled far more water than they're entitled to.

"It's not unusual necessarily to see that during a drought," said Mike Molligan, communications director for the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Golf courses in the region overpumped anywhere from 2 percent to 55 percent more water than Swiftmud allows. Some overpumped by more than 100,000 gallons a day. Several faced fines.