What did it cost to become governor? $20M for Crist

Published February 6, 2007

TALLAHASSEE - The final tally is in: Charlie Crist spent nearly $20-million in his successful campaign for governor of Florida last fall.

The bottom line, to be exact, is $19,830,328.95.

That's nearly three times as much as the $7.6-million Jeb Bush spent in his re-election four years earlier.

By law, candidates on the Nov. 7 general election ballot have 90 days to file one final report, listing all last-minute donations and postelection expenses.

Crist's biggest last-minute expenditure was $361,000 to Strategic Direction, a Tallahassee telemarketing firm.

Other major expenses were for campaign consultants, air travel and TV commercial production.

Crist also returned about $17,000 in matching campaign funds to the state treasury.