Now that's funny, y'all

Three comic Southern belles will visit and explain, among other things, the subtle difference between rednecks and white trash.

Published February 9, 2007

The Southern Fried Chicks Comedy Tour will present what its members call the three faces of today's Southern woman: the New South, the Old South and the Deep South.

The three comics, touring the country and on the verge of a TV show, take a good-natured although slightly bawdy look at Southern women.

Leanne Morgan the Old South is a University of Tennessee graduate and exudes Southern charm. She is Scarlet O'Hara turned soccer mom.

Karen Mills (New South) graduated from college and moved to Atlanta, where she went "from catfish to sushi," as her Web biography states.

Then there's the Deep South: Etta May. She is the first one to refer to her lifestyle as "white trash."

"I'm not even a redneck," she said on a telephone call from Los Angeles, where she was trying to nail down a television program contract with Country Music Television.

How does one know if one is white trash?

"If you get paid on Friday and you don't have any money left on Sunday, then you're white trash," she said. "Rednecks will still go to work on Monday, even though they have money left. White trash calls in with the brown bottle flu."

Acting as spokeswoman for the group in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Etta May fired off one-liners via cell phone as she negotiated the hillside curves of Laguna Hills.

"I'm a beer-can-pyramid-building, mud-bogging woman," she said.

In the show, she said, the three comics will come out solo and each do about 30 minutes of standup. Then they will all come out together for the finale.

"We take questions from the audience. We improvise and we pretty much will say anything," she said.

May said the white trash lifestyle is not so bad. In fact, she's pretty sure that CMT will pick up her schtick for a comedy show.

"The main audience of CMT is women. They leave it on all day, mainly to watch for Tim McGraw videos to come on. Then they'll stop vacuuming and watch."

She's a huge McGraw fan. She'll mention his name about every other sentence. She fantasizes about him.

"He brought Faith Hill back from pop country to real country," she said. "But I know I'd love him better."

The Southern Fried Chicks have been on a nationwide comedy tour for a few months. TV viewers will probably remember the individual Chicks from appearances on The Daily Show, Oprah, Comedy Central and MTV.

And, in case you're wondering, the Southern Chicks aren't man bashers.

"Listen, I know that most men have to be drug out by their wives or girlfriends to see our show," May said. "But after the show, they'll come over to talk to us and tell us how much they enjoyed it. We don't get into feminine hygiene humor."

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Southern Fried Chicks Comedy Tour

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