Students honored for improvements

Published February 9, 2007

CITRUS SPRINGS - Middle and high school students, selected because they improved their attitude and performance, were recently recognized by the Rotary Club Upward Bound program.

These are the Upward Bound students for the second grading period.

CITRUS SPRINGS MIDDLE SCHOOL: Elizabeth Bruty, Monica Coates, John Martinez, Nezra McCarty, Christopher Miller, Bo Campbell, Cody Fairfield, Scott Goodall, December Lowery, Cassie Surrency, Adam Alvarado, Jackelyn Cepparo, Steven Deprow and Jorge Zavala.

CRYSTAL RIVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Brandi Baldwin, Vincent Davis, Kyle Dunn, Cody Jenkins, O'Dell Kenyon, Angela Mundorff, Troy Nelson, Corey Pollard, Jessica Pritchard, Jessan Ringle, Joshua Sessa and Shannon Wilson.

INVERNESS MIDDLE SCHOOL: Alexis Bean, Ronald Eppa, Kaitlyn Evinger, Emily Finck, Taya McClain, Jessica Myers, Miquel Pagan, Stephen Reese, Manuel Reyes, Joseph Sachs, James Santy and Sarah Tomkins.

LECANTO MIDDLE SCHOOL: Michael Calbi, Tyler Cumbie, Chanele Davis, Yuly Martinez, Cameron Shackelford, Adrienne Burnett, Tyler Pennington, Caleb Curry, Gilberto Balbueno, Matt Hotelling and Chelsea LeDrew.

POPE JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Sabrina Lambert and Zachary Bennett.

CREST SCHOOL: Matthew Hand, Codie Posila, Michael Emery and Michael Stephens.

RENAISSANCE CENTER (MIDDLE SCHOOL): Ben Callahan, Keith Hendry, Torie Strickland, Desiree Gaure, Jeff Outlette and Michael Gibbs

RENAISSANCE CENTER (HIGH SCHOOL): Tucker Medlin, Daniel Dahill and Deanna Maita.

CITRUS HIGH SCHOOL: Jeremy Horst, Nelson Morejon, Tiarra Orr, Michael Wilson and Megan Wright.

CRYSTAL RIVER HIGH SCHOOL: Amber Conover, Kennisha Darnell, Amanda Mead, Brian Messick, Nathanael Michael, Brian Mitch, Christian Richey and Victor Suarez.

LECANTO HIGH SCHOOL: Katie Keefer, Steven Winters, Olivia Perridge, Crystal Ingall, Billy Post, Amber Warrick, Ashley Tanguay, Elfrieda Hertel, Amber Snedeker and Samantha Roesch.