The NIE Reading Zone

Published February 12, 2007

Welcome to this special St. Petersburg Times Newspaper in Education section for learners of all ages. On 12 selected Mon-days through May (see schedule, this page), the NIE Reading Zone will be published to accommodate most of the Tampa Bay area school districts' schedules. We won't print on Mondays when a majority of schools are not in session, so classes won't miss out.

This serialized young adult novel by William Durbin, set in Ybor City, is a delightful, historical read about young Bella Lorente, who longs to be a reader in a cigar factory, just like her beloved grandfather. A study guide and links to other resources are available online at tampabay.com/nie.

Like to think about the news, and all the issues on the pages of a daily newspaper? This topical, thought-provoking discussion starter is developed from PARADE Classroom's offerings for older students. Each week, Times readers may respond to the question on our moderated blog at blogs.tampabay.com/nie. Some comments will be published in the paper.

You're never too young to learn from the newspaper. This nationally syndicated illustrated activity feature targets elementary students and preschoolers with fun for family and classroom, on the next page.

GET INVOLVED: To sponsor an NIE classroom, go to tampabay.com/nie or call toll-free 1-800-333-7505, ext. 2203.