'Sweet' ride, wasn't it?

Published February 13, 2007

Gossips tried to sour Cher Hubsher's Sweet 16.

They called local radio stations.

They spread rumors on the St. Petersburg Times Web site, tampabay.com.

"I have an inside source that says the red Jaguar was just for show and actually a rental car. They actually got the poor girl a 1996 Honda Civic." by benjamin

"first of all part of the show was a scam - she did not get the jag, that was a whole mtv thing. she drives a toyota camry, why is her "doctor" father lying?" by stephanie

Enough already.

Cher Hubsher, the Palm Harbor teenager whose lavish Sweet 16 was documented by MTV crews and the Times, really did get a cherry red Jaguar convertible for her birthday.

The car was in the driveway when we reported the original story in January. To address the rumors, we returned to the house, took another look at the car and saw the leasing agreement.

The Hubshers don't let Cher drive the car, which has a sticker price of $96,422, to school.

Would you?

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