City again suspends 2 feuding officials

Published February 14, 2007


Police Chief Ed Tincher and human resources director Ron Baker were suspended with pay Tuesday morning, just hours after the City Council approved $15,000 to pay an outside investigator to look into the feud between them.

Baker was arrested in August on a charge of giving Xanax to a co-worker who was having an anxiety attack. He says the arrest was engineered as retribution for reporting on an alleged affair between Tincher and a City Hall secretary.


Clearwater filmmaker seeks a set for zombies

New Port Richey officials will hear Thursday from a Clearwater independent filmmaker who wants to block off a section of downtown for the final scene of his proposed $500,000 movie called Oh, the Horror.

"For the last scene of our movie, we need use of a small urban area that can appear to be populated with appropriate living conditions as if it were to survive a post-apocalyptic America," wrote Donnie Allen of 14K Productions in documents filed with the committee.

"The last scene will contain a zombie outbreak and the protagonists will defeat the zombie threat and re-establish safety in the town."

No word on how long that would take, or why New Port Richey seems so appealing for a post-apocalyptic zombie-fest. Allen did not return a call Tuesday for comment.

BeachWalk project to displace parking

BeachWalk construction will begin chiseling away at public parking on Clearwater Beach next month, but city officials think they have a stopgap to help visitors during the busy tourist season.

The City Council on Thursday will discuss a plan to lease at least 67 spaces just south of the roundabout. If approved, the spaces will be available for $8 per day.

The first phase, which starts in early March, will eliminate roughly 280 spaces over the next year.

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Complete weather forecast, 2A

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St. Pete Beach 62 70 0.67
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