House members

Published February 14, 2007

Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Tampa:

I oppose escalation of the war in Iraq that is being pushed by President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Their intention to send more young American men and women into what is largely a sectarian civil war is more of the same "stay the course" mentality.

After four years of war, over 3,100 deaths of Americans, $350-billion and the Bush-Cheney failure to aggressively pursue a political solution, it is important that we have this debate in the House of Representatives this week. It is important for members to go on record, and it is important to demand a new direction on behalf of the American people."

Rep. Adam Putnam, R-Bartow

I rise today to oppose this resolution because it is, frankly, anything but resolute.

In one legislative breath, it offers support for our troops but then expresses disdain for the mission they have been asked to carry out.

And then, that's it. I must admit, I am surprised. After all the tough talk we heard from the other side, this is a rather toothless 97 words.

This resolution does nothing to help win the war, but it doesn't do anything to stop it either, which allows the majority to offer its support and withdraw it, too.

What they're saying

Following are excerpts from west-central Florida lawmakers during the Tuesday debate on the Democratic resolution opposing the president's plans to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.