Junior section High school

Published February 15, 2007

science and engineering fair winners

The school district has announced this year's winners of the Hernando County Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Some will represent the county in regional and international competitions. Their projects represent many hours of intense work and creative thinking.

Botany: first place, Justin Cotto; second Gabrielle Griner; third Jonas Gonzalez.

Behavioral Science: first, John Katsanakis.

Computer Science: first, Alexandra Rey.

Chemistry: first, Brittany Wert; second, Mariela Cabrera; third, Zach Gooch.

Earth Space: first, Anthony Schnyderite; second, Brooks Timmons; third, Stephanie Wert.

Environmental: first, Adam Schuster; second, Nathaniel Heinecke; third, Alyssa Cooper.

Engineering: first, Jacob Pulawskil second, Taylor Lanning; third, Tim McGrath.

Medicine/Health: first, Sumer Doulk (also Outstanding Woman of Science Award from Brooksville Junior Service League); second, Samantha Petrovich; third, Ryan Nicoll.

Physics: first, Colleen Pulawski (also won Junior Best in Show); second, Jeron Impresso; third, Courtney Liddle.

Zoology: first, Roby Crawford; second, Lyndsey Uhlich; third, Derek Perez.

Behavioral Science: first, Liesl Swoyer; second, Chelsea Kenny.

Chemistry: first, Stephen Hallet; second, Phillip Larkin; third, Allyson Wagner.

Engineering: first, Chris Sarabalis.

Biological Sciences: first, Natashia Phillips; second, Kayla Baxter.

* * *

These students will represent Hernando County at the State Science Fair at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers April 11-13:

Junior Division, from Challenger K8: Colleen Pulwaski, Jacob Pulwaski, Sumer Doulk, Jeron Impresso, Brittany Wert, Adam Schuster, Rema Patel, Brooke Timmons, Taylor Lanning, Alley Rey.

From J. D. Floyd Elementary: Anthony Schnydevite, Justin Cotto, Samantha Petrovich, Laura Dutton, Tim McGrath.

From First United Methodist School Brooksville: Josh Wilson, Nathaniel Heineki.

Senior division, from Springstead: Chelsea Kenny, Lisesl Swoyer (won Senior Best in Show and Outstanding Woman of Science Award from Brooksville Junior Service League), Stephen Hallet, Phillip Larkin, Christopher Sarabalis, Natasha Phillips.

* * *

Representing Hernando County at the Internationals in Albuquerque, N.M., May 12-16: From Springstead: Liesl Swoyer, Chris Sarabalis (also won the Steve Barton Award for Engineering), Stephen Hallet, and Phillip Larkin.

* * *

Special recognition to the following from West Hernando Middle for effort and hard work in completing projects:

Marisa Watlins for "Sweet * Salty Displacement."

James Armas for "Is More Better?"