Not enough water for these follies

Letters to the Editor
Published February 15, 2007

It's no secret: The obvious reason for our water restrictions is overbuilding. The commissioners keep giving the thumbs-up to every developer coming before them. Never mind about the longtime residents having to pay for their folly - the more revenue coming in, the more they make.

There is a water shortage. Isn't it ludicrous to even think of approving more high-end subdivisions where golf courses are the standard? We have enough golf courses in Hernando as it is, some using more water than they're entitled to. For what? A hobby?

Meanwhile, the tax-paying homeowner with a pittance of real estate will be looking upon parched lawns and wilting landscaping. Make sense?

Barbara Nieten, Spring Hill

Re: County hires conservation pro, Feb. 11 story:

County adds job at a bad time

Only in Hernando County!

While many residents of the county are losing their homes to foreclosure due to high taxes and even higher insurance rates, Hernando County hires a conservationist at $47,000 per year. Of course, add in the cost of fringe benefits, a vehicle to get to the woods, a cell phone and other benefits, and you've got a real job.

Is it possible that during these difficult financial times and after 19 years of the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Program, the county has actually decided this is an important position for taxpayers to fund?

Gov. Charlie Crist's proposal to place a statutory limit on county taxes and expenditures looks better every day.

Paul Sullivan, Hernando Beach

Calls could help when lives at risk

In regard to the Code Red call complaints, I want to commend the effort to find the lost man. I think we should use the system more often. It made me aware of a situation. I was alert and I looked out my window several times just in case I should spot the poor lost man.

The phone ringing, even if it woke one up, was nothing to get all upset about. Some people must complain about everything.

I think it was valid and a very useful tool. Good work!

A.L. Payne, Spring Hill