Sick poetry for a lovesick day

By Times staff
Published February 16, 2007

For the fifth year, Plant High School teacher Meg Bell has solicited "cheesy, icky, really bad poetry" for Valentine's Day. We offer a sampling:


Love is like a volcano.

While I admire the magnificent beauty,

I fear the eruption

And the red hot lava

That kills every lovesick boy in its path and

Destroys their social lives forever

Due to the nasty burns on his face.

freshman Oliver Jackson


Watched you from my car

You looked good - is that shirt new?

(Stalker's valentine)

junior Ellie Kriseman


Beethoven's ode knows no joy like mine;

Dionysus' love seems far from divine!

You are the bees' knees,

the cat's pajamas if you please

(I'm sure Cole Porter would agree).

I love you very much indeed!

... now shove off and get me a sandwich.

junior Alli Ankudowich