Captain's Corner

More typical Februrary weather makes speckled trout easy targets.

Published February 22, 2007

What's hot: After an exceptionally warm start, we have returned to typical weather for late February. Speckled trout have settled back into deeper holes adjacent to grass flats. A crisp, cold morning is ideal for specks. Trout tend to bunch up on chilly days, enabling anglers to have repetitive action.

Tackle: Ultralight gear can be used for winter trout. Smaller gauged equipment adds an extra element of fun. Subtle strikes can be more easily detected with light lines and tackle. Trout are not known to be strong fighters, but a limber rod is much more forgiving to a fish that tends to shake like crazy. And it is just plain fun.

Looking ahead: Time is running out for servicing equipment and tackle. Mechanics and repair shops are still slow. It should be a stellar spring, so prepare now.

Capt. Dave Walker charters out of Tampa and can be reached at (813) 310-6531 or at www.snookfish.com