Preround putting

Weekly advice from area pros to improve your game.

Published February 22, 2007

Preround putting

Preround putting can be vital to how well you putt on the course that particular day. Don't just putt around. Go to the practice green with a plan.

Some helpful tips:

Get the speed of the greens by putting from a spot to the edge of the green. Do this with two or three putts to incorporate feel.

Once feel is established, practice your stroke by hitting a few mid-range putts 15-25 feet, uphill as well as down. Concentrate solely on starting your ball on its intended line.

Spend most of your time holing short putts (2-5 feet). It's good practice and will help you gain confidence by seeing and hearing putts drop in the hole. These putts can save your round.

Remember, establish your feel then concentrate on holing short putts.

-- Jim Garrison is the head pro at Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club and president of the West Central Chapter PGA. Contact him at jgarrison7@tampabay.rr.com

Favorite area course other than home: Lake Jovita Country Club. Both courses (North and South) are equally impressive.

Favorite course nationally: Augusta National.

Best golfing advice ever received: Enjoy the process of becoming a good player. It means that you need to enjoy practicing. Because if you don't practice, you will never achieve your golfing goals.