Obama, Clinton camps clash over donor

Published February 22, 2007


The rival presidential campaigns of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama traded accusations of nasty politics Wednesday. The Clinton campaign demanded that Obama denounce comments made by DreamWorks movie studio founder David Geffen, who told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd for Wednesday's editions that while "everybody in politics lies," former President Bill Clinton and his wife "do it with such ease, it's troubling." Geffen once backed Bill Clinton but now supports his wife's top rival. New York Sen. Clinton's campaign called on Obama to give back Geffen's $2,300 contribution. The Illinois senator refused, saying, "It's not clear to me why I'd be apologizing for someone else's remark."

Cheney defends Rumsfeld's work

Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday challenged GOP presidential hopeful John McCain's assertion that Donald Rumsfeld was one of the country's worst defense secretaries. "John's entitled to his opinion. I just think he's wrong," Cheney told ABC News, calling Rumsfeld a great secretary. Cheney also disclosed that the Arizona senator had apologized to him for a previous comment that the vice president had "badly served" President Bush on Iraq. At a campaign event in Los Angeles, McCain said he stood by his remarks about Rumsfeld. He did not mention the vice president, and his campaign declined to comment on Cheney's remarks.