A farewell to Jiffy

The victim of a recent brutal slaying may have been homeless, but he still had friends.

Published February 23, 2007

They met on a carnival midway.

He was a ride jock on the Flying Bobs bobsled ride.

She was a smitten Kentucky girl with Reithoffer Shows.

They spent that season together, then bailed to start a life in Gibsonton.

Then came Dec. 29.

After dark. Along some railroad tracks behind the Showtown bar. Jeffrey Price is jumped by a group of kids and men, authorities said.

Price, who is homeless, pulls a knife and sticks one in the face and one in the lung.

Self-defense, the sheriff's deputies called it, and Price was released.

A month later, his corpse, naked and bloody, was found in the rain behind an auto parts store. Revenge, the deputies said.

The letter came later from Inmate 07002877 at the county jail on Falkenburg Road.

Tanya Glunk says she was there the night Price stabbed those kids. He was defending her. She couldn't come forward because she had a warrant. She was arrested Jan. 13 and learned about him from the papers.

"Seeing that he doesn't really have anyone, I felt like writing a little memorial for him," the letter says. "I hope I've not been too much of an inconvenience. I just felt this needed done."


Well, Bubba, I guess there is a time when everything good must come to an end.

You meant the world to me. You were a lover, a big brother and my best friend.

I could have never expected it would be me sitting here writing this about you - not in a million years! I remember all the nights you were there by my bedside; now you're here at night behind all my tears!

We never realize how quickly someone can be taken away. I'm sure none of us were at all prepared to be saying farewell to you!

God has gained a wonderful angel, and I know you're up there watching over me. Hey, at least you're not alone. You are with friends: Marney and Dog. Save a place for me!

I'll always love you Jiffy!

Rest in peace, Bubba - Jan. 28, 2007.

Much Love,