Roy lands three-game suspension

By Eduardo A. Encina
Published February 24, 2007

TAMPA - Forward Andre Roy was suspended three games for misconduct after leaving the penalty box following the Lightning's 6-2 loss to the Bruins on Friday, raising the ire of coach John Tortorella.

Roy violated Rule 41.4, Section 3 of the NHL rule book, which says a player who "physically demeans an official" will serve a three-game suspension. Roy had received a roughing penalty with 22 seconds left.

"I think if a little common sense comes into play and egos stay out of it, the ref would just leave it alone," Tortorella said. "It's the end of the game, and it's a frustrating loss for athletes who play hard, so I guess egos get in the way, so they have to back a big deal about nothing."

Tortorella said it was the end of a poorly officiated game, in which the Lightning were called for three first-period penalties.

"It wasn't verbal abuse," he said. "It was just emotional, at least from what I saw. If you're going to (mess) up the game from the beginning, you might as well go right through the time to after the time, and (mess) it up even more. I'm not making an excuse of us winning or losing, but I didn't think the game was well officiated at all."

KARLSSON OUT: Andreas Karlsson will miss about two weeks with a cut extensor tendon in his left index finger.

Karlsson said he was on the bench Thursday night in Atlanta and had his glove off when a teammate going onto the ice sliced his finger. He got stitches to connect the tendon and saw the team's hand specialist, Dr. Richard Gray, on Friday afternoon.

"It's just one of those things," said Karlsson, who wore a splint. "I didn't have my glove on. I don't know why. (Maybe) I was just trying to do something with my mouth guard or trying to slide over and I put my hand down.

"It's bad luck, but I don't think it will be too long," he said. "It's throbbing a bit. The doctor did a good job of stitching it up."

The extensor tendon is just below the skin on the bone of the back side of the hand, and it controls the ability to straighten the fingers and thumb.

ODDS AND ENDS: Tortorella remains one win short of 200. ... Defenseman Luke Richardson was a healthy scratch for the 19th straight game.

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