Quality of life index

Published February 26, 2007

53, 43 Ages of David Heath and Jeff Shultz, two homeless men shot to death in St. Petersburg in January.

20, 18 Ages of Dorian Dillard and Cordaro Hardin, who have been indicted on first-degree murder charges following the shootings.

6 Number of incidences of teen-on-homeless violence reported in Florida in 2006, the most of any state in the nation.

41 Total number of violent incidents against homeless people in Florida in 2006, far and away the highest number reported in any state.

8 Number of deaths that stemmed from those incidents, which took place in such locations as Tampa, Ruskin and Gibsonton.

13, 16 Ages of several teens arrested and charged with the beating death of 54-year-old August Felix last March in Orlando.

10 Number of teens that a homeless man in DeLand claimed beat him with metal pipes and set his tent on fire last April.

55.1 Percentage of respondents who cited "boredom" as the most likely reason for an increase in violent attacks on the homeless from 1999 to 2005, in an online survey conducted by the National Coalition for the Homeless.

47.2 Percentage of respondents who "strongly agree" that teens convicted of unprovoked attacks on the homeless receive adult penalties.

Sources: CNN.com, National Coalition for the Homeless.