Lower speed limit, don't widen road

Letters to the Editor
Published February 27, 2007

Re: Wider road upsets some homeowners' plans Feb. 26 story

I don't think widening Elgin Boulevard is a very good idea. It serves as a safer alternative for travel compared to Spring Hill Drive or Cortez Boulevard. Drivers are forced to slow down on Elgin.

I recommend lowering the speed limit on Elgin and Powell Road to 35 mph. There are two schools on this road, and the speeding already is incredible. Most folks do not pay attention to the speed limit, as most are driving closer to 60 mph.

This is a dangerous situation as more traffic uses the existing configuration. Let's not wait for a tragedy to determine the strategy.

Mike Mills, Spring Hill


Give homeowners access to wells 

Re: Once-a-week watering should be permanent, Feb. 23 editorial

A recent editorial spoke of permanently fixing a one-day-a-week watering limit for homeowners. This encourages homeowners who have wells to water more frequently. I've been recommending for years that meters be placed on wells. This can be done easily by piping the well to the present meter. Let the homeowner pay for this hookup and allow him to deduct the cost from the water bill until the cost is paid. This would increase revenues for the county.

We also have to impose a moratorium on building; we cannot continue to build homes by the hundreds. They eventually will consume all the water and at some point the county will have to ration water. Let's look at the real problem.

By the way, we don't really need any more golf courses. They use a lot of water.

Victor Gonzalez, Spring Hill


It's time to crack down on abusers 

Re: Result clear: Broken leg, Feb. 21 story

The story was about what happened to me in March 2006 when my estranged husband, Randall Prater, who is serving 11 months, 29 days in the county jail, with 17 years of probation and a lot of restitution awaiting him once he is released.

A broken leg? This is far from the actual injuries I have. Due to being unable to pay for the many operations and skin grafts I need, I am unable to seek employment. What this story called a "broken leg" is actually crushed bones that compound-fractured out both sides of my leg, ultimately resulting in a severed main artery and nerve and severe muscle damage. Doctors had to place a shunt where the artery was severed and affix a titanium rod that runs from my knee to my ankle. I was placed in the intensive care unit for almost two weeks before being sent to the level-one trauma center at Tampa General Hospital via helicopter so that I could receive the medical treatments I needed but wasn't able to receive at Brooksville Regional Hospital. I also had to be given several blood transfusions due to infection and loss of blood.

I still do not think the sentence given by Judge Don Scaglione was fair. The State Attorney's Office, the Department of Corrections and Probation and the presentencing report all stated Randall should do the recommended mandatory time called for by Florida sentencing guidelines, which was a minimum of 68 months in state prison. I also believe Randall should have been charged with attempted murder instead of what he was charged with. Other counties have charged people with attempted murder in recent incidents of domestic violence, so why not here? If it were not for me calling the governor and other high-profile people of our state government, as well as State Attorney Brad King, this case would not have gone as far as it did.

The State Attorney's Office wanted to give him four years probation. Four years probation for intentionally running over your wife? What would they have given him if he finished the job? Five years probation?

The laws in our state need to be reformed when it comes to this type of criminal domestic violence and the only way that will happen is if people stand up and tell our state representatives there needs to be more done so that other women will not have to go through what I have gone through.

Those who commit these crimes should be given the sentencing they deserve.

Shannan Prater, Spring Hill