Preview Capsules

By David Murphy
Published February 27, 2007


Coach: Joe Nicolai

Key losses: Irene Cho, Aleyse Horn

Lineup: No. 1 Jeanette McDonald, Sr.; No. 2 Alexa Burns, Jr.; No. 3 Mathea Schneider, Jr.; No. 4 Nicole Schallenberg, Jr.; No. 5 Stephanie Wilson, So.; No. 1 doubles McDonald/Burns; No. 2 doubles Schneider/Schallenberg

Outlook: The loss of Cho, the No. 2 singles player last year and McDonald's partner at No. 1 doubles, hurts, but the Bears are 3-0 thus far and are the county favorite.


Coach: Pete Lahey

Key losses: Leah Keefe, Chelsea Clark, Angie Wessel

Lineup: No. 1 Simone Berger, Jr.; No. 2 Alison Steiner, Fr.; No. 3 Rachel Lowman, Jr.; No. 4 Catherine Erana, So.; No. 5 Laura Nell Smith, Jr.; No. 1 doubles Berger/Steiner; No. 2 doubles Lowman/Erana

Outlook: The Leopards lost their top three singles players from last year, including Keefe, who transferred to Springstead. But they already have beaten Nature Coast, which means they could contend for the county title.

Nature Coast

Coach: Louise Downey

Key losses: Aspen Dukes

Lineup: No. 1 Rachel Conter, So.; No. 2 Olivia Williams, Fr.; No. 3 Anna DeAngelis, So.; No. 4 Sara Paradis, Sr.; No. 5 Katie Stellpflug, Jr.; No. 1 doubles Conter/DeAngelis; No. 2 doubles Williams/Paradis.

Outlook: Nature Coast went 11-0 in the district last season, but lost to Hernando last week. The loss of Dukes, last year's No. 1, will take some time to replace. Still, Downey says she expects to contend for both county and district titles.


Coach: Shelia Etchinson

Key losses: Jessica DeBusk, Jessica Caggiano, Nadine Gaduza

Lineup: No. 1 Leah Keefe, Jr.; No. 2 Stephanie Tatum, Jr.; No. 3 Kelly Baldwin, Sr.; No. 4 Kelly Souza, Jr.; No. 5 Ashley Williams, Jr.; No. 1 doubles Keefe/Tatum; No. 2 doubles Baldwin/Sousa

Outlook: Springstead, which won just two matches last year, will have to contend with the loss of its top three singles players. The addition of Keefe, who played well at Hernando last year, will help.