Communitiy does good deed for scouts

Published March 1, 2007


Larry Guthrie's cell phone rang ceaselessly Wednesday. People had read the paper, the story about the camping gear discovered stolen from Troop 177's utility trailer at the Trinity YMCA on Feb. 20. They knew the Scouts would need more than $3,000 worth of replacement equipment in order to resume their monthly camping trips. And they wanted to help. By late afternoon, Guthrie, the troop's committee chairman, said he had lined up enough donations and pledges to replenish the inventory. "I was completely overwhelmed," he said. The Scouts will camp again later this month.


Police union, city reach agreement

After two rounds of talks, City Council and the police union agreed this week on a two-year contract. The contract between the city and the West Central Florida Police Benevolent Association includes: the first ever take-home car program for officers; a 240-hour cap on the amount of vacation time that officers can cash in when they leave; and the addition of a "just cause" clause regarding how to fire an officer. Negotiations had been at a standstill since January because council member Dale Massad wanted clarification on how the city can terminate a police officer.


Sore finger? Sorry, not an emergency

A 49-year-old man thought his sore finger was an emergency Tuesday, according to reports from the Zephyrhills Police Department. Byron D. Milligan, 38155 Fifth Ave. called 911 from Kmart on Gall Boulevard, and Pasco County Fire Rescue and Zephyrhills Police responded. After they refused to take him to the hospital, he called 911 again and demanded a ride to Tampa. When an officer returned, Milligan told him, "I'm going to call 1,000 times until I can get to where I want to go." Milligan was arrested and faces a charge of misusing 911. He remained in the Land O'Lakes jail Wednesday in lieu of $500 bail.


- Shannen Gleghorn was elected president of the Student Council at Gulf Middle School. Because of incorrect information provided to the Times, his last name was misspelled in Wednesday's Top of the Class.

- Zephyrhills City Council on Monday waived the city's usual event fees for the Founders' Day celebration scheduled for March 9-11 in Zephyr Park. A story Tuesday listed a different event.