Hic . . . hic . . . Hooray!

After 37 days of hiccups, St. Petersburg's Jennifer Mee can breathe freely.

Published March 1, 2007

The hiccups stopped around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Jennifer Mee had a few more spasms, but then she stopped and took her first uninterrupted breaths since first-period science class Jan. 23 at Northeast High School.

No one is certain why. This week, 15-year-old Jennifer has been to an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist. She tried a patented device that is designed to stop hiccups. She is taking a couple of new prescriptions along with the Valium  that helps her sleep.

Early Thursday morning, Jennifer said she hiccuped once. She also felt a little sick. "Right now, my nose is burning and my throat hurts," she said. But she said she felt a lot better than she has in weeks.

"She's told me: 'Never use that word again,' " said her mother, Rachel Robidoux, who called the St. Petersburg Times two weeks ago to try and find help for Jennifer. "Never say the 'H' word again."