Hernando honor kids

Published March 8, 2007

National Honor Roll

The following Hernando County students have been inducted into the National Honor Roll, which recognizes high school and middle school students.

To qualify for inclusion, students must have a GPA of B or better; involvement in extracurricular activities is a plus. They cannot be nominated by other students or a parent or relative.

Here are the honorees:

Ericka Acevedo, Central; Amber D. Addario, Springstead; Kristin M. Aveney, Springstead; Jessica Beard, Central; Jacob Bohnhoff, Springstead; Karlee Burrows, Springstead; Danielle Campisi, Springstead; Kristin Clawes, Springstead; Wyatt Cloinger, Central; Paige Deluna, Springstead; Sean Dicesare, Springstead; Stephanie M. Galarneau, Springstead; David W. Hand, West Hernando Christian School; Tabatha L. Harper, Hernando; Kevin Hunninghaus, Nature Coast Technical; Ashlie L. Jackson, Central; Christie L. Kosal, Springstead; Karis M. Lamy, Hernando; Sheralee Leonardo, Springstead; Bethany Locke, Nature Coast Technical; Benjamin Logsted, Springstead; Kristen Luppino, Springstead; Lea Martin, Hernando; Theresa M. McCluskey, Springstead; Shannon McQueeney, Springstead; Benjamin A. Noury, Springstead; Jessica N. Otero, Nature Coast Technical; Samantha Pankow, Hernando; Laura Perez, Springstead; Ryan J. Piermatteo, Hernando; Chaz Rodriguez, Central; Elizabeth Roman, Springstead; Megan Ryan, Springstead; Ismael Santana, Springstead; Russell J. Scibetti, Springstead; William M. Siegfried, Springstead; David C. Sklepko, Springstead; Anna Steen, Hernando; Kimberly Thoures, Springstead; Danielle Timm, Central; Ashley Lynn Tobin, Central; Christine Vu, Central; Lauren E. Wajerski, Nature Coast; Christopher Ward, Springstead; Heather E. Whisler, Hernando; Weston Wirtz, Hernando; Christine A. Wolfe, West Hernando Christian School; Katherine E. Yoho, Springstead; Brittany Yunka, Central.