To her, it's not just your name

Handwriting analyst Janet Lefler can pick apart a signature to learn more about a person.

Published March 9, 2007

I'm outgoing and busy and don't like to reveal too much about myself.

So says my signature.

So says the woman from Weeki Wachee who's Hernando County's only handwriting analyst.

"I can tell you if a person is depressed," Janet Lefler said the other day at the Dunkin' Donuts on State Road 50. "I can tell you if a person is happy. I can tell you if they're an outgoing person just by looking at the shape of their letters."

Some think handwriting analysis is huckster hocus-pocus; others call it legitimate science, a smart, added way to screen potential employees or test a couple's long-term compatibility. The latter believe the slant and the size of someone's letters show anything and everything from honesty to punctuality to aggression to perversion to an insatiable sex drive.

Handwriting, Michelle Dresbold wrote in her recent book Sex, Lies and Handwriting, shows "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

According to Web sites like handwriting.org and myhandwriting.com, people who leave their letters unclosed at the top are talkative, people who use a big lowercase k are defiant, and people who write angled to the left like being alone.

The dot close to the top of the i? Prompt.

Long t bars to the right? Watch out for that temper.

A low-hanging incomplete loop on a g or a y? Sexually frustrated. A strange-shaped loop? Perverted. But a long, wide, completed loop? Great storytellers ... and the best in bed.

For Lefler, a mother of four who moved from Michigan 12 years ago and works part time as a nurse, all this started five years ago.

Late at night.

With an infomercial.

Since then, she's been to Handwriting University's International Handwriting Analysis Summit in Dallas, joined the Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce and the local chapter of Business Networking International and started her own Web site at handwritingadvisor.com.

She offered $10 "mini" analyses at the Contours Express women's gym in Brooksville Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. She will be at the Contours Express in Ridge Manor March 16 in the same time slot and then again March 30 at the Contours Express in Spring Hill on Forest Oaks Boulevard.

The mini analysis offers three things about a person based on his or her handwriting.

A more formal, written mini analysis is $25.

A full analysis is $50.

And a couple's compatibility analysis? That costs $100.

My analysis? It was done quick-quick over coffee. I ball-pointed my signature on a lined piece of paper ripped from a notebook.

Lefler took a look.

"The fact that it's not legible shows you're either in an extreme hurry or don't reveal a lot about yourself," she said.

"The size and slant of the letters show you have an outgoing personality.

"And the blending and the overlap of the letters show you're extremely busy because they're all running together."

My girlfriend says she's good.

Michael Kruse can be reached at mkruse@sptimes.com or 352 848-1434.