The history of Logan (the name) and Logan (me)

By Logan Mabe
Published March 11, 2007


Logan is not on the list of the top 1,000 names in the United States.

Logan enters the world. His father, Cecil, gets docked a day's pay for missing work and attending the birth.


Logan enters the top 1,000 list of names at 990.

Logan learns to walk and sleep through the night. Logan, who was named after his great-grandfather Charles Logan Seymour, is called Doug. Or as his relatives pronounce it, "Duuu-guh," with two syllables.


Logan rises to 949 on the names list.

Logan develops a stutter following the birth of his brother, Gary.


Logan inches up to 944.

Logan enters second grade with 11 other boys. Four are named Steve and four are named Doug. Despite the mass confusion that ensues, Logan does not relent on being called Doug and is lumped in with the other Dougs and Steves.


Logan is up to No. 790.

Logan celebrates the country's bicentennial in Washington, where he and his family attend a Fourth of July concert featuring I Dream of Jeannie's Barbara Eden and a host of stars in a big park near a big monument. They get tear-gassed when the crowd gets out of hand.

The movie Logan's Run is released, making Farrah Fawcett a star.


Logan is at No. 593.

Logan takes up skateboarding and golf. At this age and skill level, they are equally dangerous.


Logan makes a huge leap to No. 371 on the names list.

Desperately seeking something to set him apart from the crowd (skateboarding and an earring didn't quite do the trick), Logan decides to use his given first name, Logan, for the first time and from now on. Logan declares this coming out on the first day of his senior year at Largo High School. Other kids look at him in that strange, pitiful way they view cheerleaders in their first trimester.


Logan is on the rise again, up to No. 351.

Logan rises up and over 11 people lying side-by-side like cordwood as he attempts to break the world record for long-jumping from one skateboard to another. He misses the record on a technicality, but looks good doing it.


Logan is all the way up to 233.

A Presbyterian minister says, "And do you, Logan, take this woman to be your wife?" Logan says yes.


Logan is a name sweeping the nation. It's at No. 144.

Logan, now a magazine writer who uses the byline "Logan D. Mabe," hangs out with ink-stained wretches from the Miami Herald. The Broward bureau chief regularly enthuses over too many cocktails, "Logan D. Mabe!! That is such an awesome byline. That should be a New York Times byline."

The New York Times decides to pass.


Logan is on a tear, No. 109 on the list.

Logan becomes a father. The daughter is named Arlen, a new generation of oddball names.


Logan doesn't make much headway, just 104 on the list.

Logan welcomes another daughter, Annalise, to the family. Later learns that Annalise is a popular German drinking song.


Logan cracks the Top 100 at 94.

Logan rehabs a very old house in Atlanta and spends too much time in the attic with his baseball card collection.


Logan zooms to 42 on the list.

Logan works for the newspaper in Lakeland. He loses money on a regular basis at the twice-a-month reporter and photographer poker game.


Logan is almost static, No. 44.

Logan is anything but static. The name shows up on a divorce decree.


Logan is cresting at No 29.

Logan didn't do much of note this year other than catch a few bass.


Logan is idling at No. 28.

Logan says "I do," again.


Logan hits its peak at No. 26.

Logan is 44, with two teenagers, a second wife, a dog and a house in the suburbs.


Logan, who is noticing his name comes up more and more, calls baby name expert Bruce Lansky to inquire about the sudden popularity. Lansky says that parents envision Logans as warm, trustworthy and adventurous California surfers with blue eyes and sandy hair. Lansky says that if you want to have a California surfing god for a kid, name him Logan.

This Logan is from Kentucky and he is bald. He drives a Subaru sedan and plays golf. He's in real estate. He pets the next-door neighbor's dog.

The dog's name? It's Logan.

Logan Mabe is a former St. Petersburg Times staff writer. He lives in Tampa.