Today's Letters: Recruiters should have dug deeper

Published March 13, 2007

Re: School superintendent applicants

It is appalling that Craig Bangtson got this far in the recruiting process. No candidate for any position should be considered if they are unable to account for their entire working history.

Apparently Bangtson had several versions of his professional history, none of which gave the facts. That appears to be purposeful misrepresentation. However, his unwarranted remark to the Cartersville, Ga., newspaper reporter and the reported comments he made during a School Board meeting there are actions I'm sure he would like to hide.

If the person/persons responsible for recruiting candidates had done a professional job, they would have gleaned all the same information Times staff writer Tom Marshall brought forth. Shouldn't they be held accountable for their lack of prudent action?

Jim Waters, Spring Hill

Check resumes for accuracy first

This letter is for the members of the Hernando County School Board.

As a taxpayer I insist that the resumes for school superintendent be checked for accuracy or putting it bluntly, honesty, before spending our money to bring candidates here.

It seems very little checking has been done or this lie by Craig Bangtson would have been found before the board got as far as spending our money to buy plane tickets to bring him here for an interview.

Anna Terry, Spring Hill

Consultant isn't doing his job

With two questionable resumes for the position of superintendent of schools for Hernando County, it should hardly go without saying that the School Board has a problem.

I have a suggestion, namely, give a pink slip to the consultant, Wayne Blanton, who obviously isn't doing much of a job, and ask Tom Marshall, staff writer with the Times, to screen resumes for prospective candidates for the superintendent's job. He appears to be well-informed and would save the School Board some money and a lot of embarrassment.

Joseph Pistorious, Spring Hill

Legalize gambling to help our state

Why can't we vote to legalize gambling and let the casinos pay the taxes like they do in other states?

We had some game rooms in Hernando County but they closed them because they said it is gambling. What is bingo and the Florida lottery?

I thought the lottery was for our schools; so why is it on our taxes that I am paying for three different things for schools?

If you want to gamble you can go on out on the casino boat, on which the machines are not inspected so they don't have to pay out a certain percentage of earnings. The owner doesn't have to pay any taxes to the state because the boat is in international waters.

People would move back instead of moving out to where it is cheaper to live. Legalize gambling to help the tax problem and help our state. Put money back into the state of Florida instead of to the wrong people.

James D. Payne, Spring Hill

Hickory Hill is a good thing

I am a small-business owner in our county, and I am writing to express my full support for the proposed development of Hickory Hill, and any other well-planned, thought-out projects that bring high-quality homes to Hernando County.

I understand that some in our community have voiced concern about the proposed development.

However, I am one of many small service-oriented companies that welcomes correct growth. Hickory Hill will provide numerous opportunities for work in many different areas, including home cleaning services, landscape services, air conditioning, carpet cleaning, painting, vehicle detailing, pressure washing and many others. Hickory Hill also will create numerous full-time employments, many in the hospitality and retail fields.

Another wonderful benefit to Hickory Hill is it will attract many other business owners, CEOs and high-level executives to live in Hernando County, which in turn could lead them to relocate some or all of their business operations here. Hickory Hill's proposed development also would vastly increase our county's tax base far more than it would detract from it, in regard to county services.

In simple terms, Hickory Hill makes sense. I would rather see Hernando County benefit from Hickory Hill than watch another county do the same in our place.

Joseph D. Jeffords IV, Spring Hill

Plan for growth in Spring Lake

I have driven through Spring Lake countless times in my life and I will admit it is beautiful. But let's face the facts. It is not the national forest. There is a lot of growth out there and the beauty of it is what is attracting people from all over.

Recently, one editorial commentator stated that he was surprised it has not flourished before now. Given its proximity to the only interstate interchange in the county, so am I.

Managing the growth needs to be planned now before it is completely out of control and the area simply becomes a drain on county resources to meet the growing pains it is succumbing to. Let Sierra Properties plan the Hickory Hill project and with the tax revenues that it will generate, make Spring Lake even better than it is today.

We need to plan today for what is going to be built tomorrow. Hickory Hill represents good planning and I encourage you to support it.

Ginger Sabella, Spring Hill

Re: Candidate residency

Don't shop for elected positions

You should live in the district at the time you file your papers with the supervisor of elections to run for elected office. This keeps out the people who are shopping for an elected position in county government.

And that includes Rose Rocco.

Jerry Downing, Weeki Wachee

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