Bills take on restrooms at restaurants

Published March 13, 2007


For all those who have ever been grossed out by a restaurant restroom, take heart. Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, and Rep. Betty Reed, D-Tampa, are pushing legislation aimed at making sure those restrooms don't spoil appetites. The companion bills would require the health department to look at restrooms as part of a restaurant's inspection. The proposed bills outline the standards for an acceptable restroom, such as "tight-fitting" doors that actually close, toilet areas "free of objectionable odors" and "readily cleanable" toilet fixtures. Also, to avoid those awkward, "Could you pass me a roll?" moments, Crist and Reed propose that "a supply of toilet tissue must be provided at each toilet at all times."

Siplin gets a reprieve

The Florida Supreme Court decided Monday to halt Florida Bar proceedings to sanction Sen. Gary Siplin, until after his appeal goes through.

Siplin was convicted in August of grand theft for having employees work on his re-election campaign on state time

On today's agenda

- Underage drinking, particularly in college towns like Tallahassee, is an age-old problem. But lawmakers on the regulated industries committee will try to tackle it today, when they vote on proposed legislation that would allow alcohol vendors and their employees to seize drivers' licenses and identification cards they believe to be fake. Anyone under 21 who misrepresents their age or is caught drinking could have their license suspended or revoked, though the bill makes exceptions for wine consumed during religious occasions.

- Today the Florida Cabinet will consider approval of the Citizens Property Insurance Corp. plan to be competitive with private companies and offer multiperil risk coverage.