Two sue over footage of wet T-shirt contest

By Times staff writer
Published March 14, 2007

TAMPA - Two women filed a lawsuit Monday after footage of a wet T-shirt contest they entered in high school ended up on Girls Gone Wild and similar adult-oriented videos.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, says Heather Marie Kotis and Rachel Christine Mill were younger than 18 when they entered a wet T-shirt contest at the Desert Inn in Daytona Beach.

On March 13, 2001, they attended a large pool deck party advertised to high school students on spring break, the lawsuit says.

There, they participated in contests where they performed "various sexually-explicit acts and simulated sexually-explicit acts, including sexual touching, exposing their breasts, pubic areas and buttocks," the lawsuit says.

They were videotaped, and appeared on Girls Gone Wild videos, AMX videos and several Web sites including bikinivoyeur.com.

The women are seeking punitive damages from all defendants in the lawsuit, including Deslin Hotels Inc., hotel owners Irene and Dennis Devlin, event organizers and everywhere their footage was published.

Two months ago, Deslin Hotels settled a 2002 lawsuit filed by Monica S. Pippin, who was 16 when she participated in a spring break wet T-shirt contest.