Root latest Mariner champ

Published March 16, 2007

The 12th annual Mariner Classic Singles Championship crowned its fifth different champion in five years Sunday when Brad Root took the title in the finals against Nick Correa.

Root defeated Correa 267-241 in a high-scoring final, and the champion finished with an overall pin total of 1,503 for the tournament. He walked away with the grand prize of $1,000. Correa, falling just short of capturing the crown, took home $500.

The 2004 champion, Jim Babson, just missed qualifying for the step-ladder playoff after standing in seventh after the six opening games were bowled by each of the 69 entries. Money was paid out to the top 12, and Babson earned $160.

Defending champion Shane Briggs had a disappointing tournament, finishing 56th at the end of the qualifying games with a total of 1,247 pins. Another former champion, Matt Slaga (2003), finished 34th with a pin total of 1,348.

The highest finish of any female in the tournament came from Angie Paxton. Paxton was one of only four females entered and was able to qualify for the step-ladder playoff. She lost in the opening game to Christopher Stevens, but Paxton still finished fifth and took home $220.

Root does not bowl in any leagues in Hernando County, but he does compete in the Hammer High Rollers League at Hudson Bowl in Pasco. Last season, he averaged 205 in 48 games in the HNA Mariner Classic League at Mariner, so he had some previous experience on the lanes.

Correa, the son of Hernando County scratch series record holder Joe Correa, bowls exclusively at leagues at Spring Hill Lanes this season. He is a regular in two leagues, the Gator High Rollers League on Monday nights and the TGIF League on Friday nights.

THAT FIRST ACHIEVEMENT: With all the U.S. Bowling Congress achievements that come and go every week in the county, most are accomplished by the veteran bowlers who have a few under their belts.

At Mariner Lanes on March 8, Jeffery Russell notched his first USBC achievement, tossing a 299 during the Thursday Moose League at the center.

Russell averaged only a 182 last season with the same league. After bowling in youth leagues until 2001, Russell took a few years off before returning to the lanes. He has been making leaps in his play ever since.


High Scratch Series (Male)

Clint Bullock, 764, Joni Classic, Spring Hill Lanes

Johnny Zuidema III, 764, Monday Night Men, Spring Hill Lanes

Tom LaRoue, 758, Monday Night Men, Spring Hill Lanes

Claus Glandorf, 752, Kevin's Pro Shop, Spring Hill Lanes

Mike Ferdiani, 746, Gator High Rollers, Spring Hill Lanes

High Scratch Series (Female)

Karen Graham, 651, Road Runners Mixed, Spring Hill Lanes

Kristina Champeau, 645, Gator High Rollers, Spring Hill Lanes

Eileen Locke, 632, W.M.C.C., Spring Hill Lanes

Amanda Drawe, 608, Junior Gold Scratch, Spring Hill Lanes

Elaine McCarthy, 595, Monday Mavericks, Mariner Lanes

High Scratch Game (Male)

Steve Wilson, 300, Friday Early Mariners, Mariner Lanes

Jeffery Russell, 299, Thursday Moose, Mariner Lanes

Mike Ferdiani, 299, Gator High Rollers, Spring Hill Lanes

Jay Tinkham, 297, Monday Night Men, Spring Hill Lanes

Clint Bullock, 288, Joni Classic, Spring Hill Lanes

High Scratch Game (Female)

Kristina Champeau, 267, Gator High Rollers, Spring Hill Lanes

Joanne Holobinka, 258, W.M.C.C., Spring Hill Lanes

Anne Dixey, 243, T.G.I.F., Spring Hill Lanes

Eileen Locke, 236, W.M.C.C., Spring Hill Lanes

Karen Graham, 236, Road Runners Mixed, Spring Hill Lanes