Today's Letters: Look at cash from Lotto, casinos

Letters to the Editor
Published March 16, 2007

We must consider state income tax March 11 letter

A Massachusetts resident who resides in Florida part time proposed a state income tax. How much would he pay should there be a state income tax?

Seems the tax suggestion is self-motivated. A state tax for Floridians to help defray his property taxes in Florida? It is a self-serving recommendation even with all the wonderful comparisons.

Nice try. I hope the suggestions are transparent to our legislators.

How about a combination of tax means from Lotto, casinos, a small sales-tax increase and a cap on annual property tax increases for all with the $25,000 homestead exemption kicking in after the first $25,000 of a property's value is taxed?

There are ways to pay the tab with all paying a fair share.

D. DePoalo, Hudson


Title company, bank share blame 

Officials: Agent preyed on man March 14 story

What dumb title company and bank couldn't see the old man had dementia? That's who should be sued to get the old man's money back.

Do people have to be doctors to recognize someone with dementia? I think not.

Jack Barton, the accused scam artist, has a record now. He should do plenty of prison time and his license should be revoked. He shouldn't need a license for at least 30 years.

Roger Lind, Port Richey


Bowman Road needs real fix

I would like to know why Bowman Road is continually being patched instead of getting the repaving that needs to be done.

This road was torn up with holes from when the Suncoast Parkway was installed. It was repaved beyond the bridge, but not from Route 41 to Moorehaven Road.

Every few weeks, the holes are patched and as soon as the road gets wet, the holes get bigger. There are many vehicles on this highway and we, as the taxpayers, deserve to be considered.

Gail A. Hobbs, Spring Hill