How mummified baby died still a mystery

Published March 20, 2007

DELRAY BEACH - A partially mummified baby, apparently born in the 1950s and discovered by a woman cleaning out her dead parents' storage unit, died from an "undetermined" cause, Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Michael Bell said Monday.

The baby boy was found Jan. 22 by the daughter of a couple who rented the Delray Beach storage unit in 1996.

The child was discovered wrapped in a Jan. 9, 1957, edition of the New York Daily News, and stuffed inside a small suitcase that was inside a larger suitcase.

The child was determined to be between a newborn and 2 months old, Bell said.

Authorities are awaiting results of DNA tests to determine if the baby boy was related to the woman who discovered him.

Odette Lamanna, 46, discovered the body.