Property buyers sue Pasco nudist resort

Published March 21, 2007


Forty-one people who bought properties in Caliente Resorts sued the nudist community Friday and accused Caliente of using a "bait-and-switch" tactic to sell them mobile homes.

In the lawsuit, they said Caliente doubled the lot prices beyond what it had first advertised, after locking the buyers into lease and purchase agreements.

In a letter he sent to members, Chuck Foster, Caliente's vice president, said the lot prices reflected real estate trends.


Newspaper editor loses job over columns

Zephyrhills News editor Gary Hatrick, was fired from his job last week over his outspoken columns and collection of Superman figurines he kept at the office, he said Tuesday.

Hatrick, 50, had refused owner Barry Scripps' demand that his columns be approved by the paper's business manager before publication. A recent column compared Zephyrhills City Council member Danny Burgess to Adolf Hitler.

Scripps did not return a message seeking comment.


MEDICAL EXAMINER'S OFFICE FEUD: Documents surfaced Tuesday showing that the 5th District medical examiner, who resigned suddenly last week, was engaged in a battle with the office's director of operations. Laurie Plemons had accused Dr. Steven Cogswell of creating a hostile work environment. Cogswell was a top prosecution witness in John Couey's murder trial. He resigned Thursday. Eleven of the office's employees joined in on Cogswell's side.

VICKERS SERVICE SET: A public memorial service for Pinellas County emergency management director Gary Vickers is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church, 110 N McMullen-Booth Road. Vickers, 53, who suffered injuries in an auto accident over a month ago, died Monday after his family removed him from life support.

BUS DRIVER RESIGNS: Don Allender, the Citrus County bus driver who failed to report sexual behavior among students, has decided to resign. Allender, 64, appeared before the School Board to challenge his firing last month. An internal investigation found that he didn't tell his supervisors about a 10th-grader who flashed her breasts at him and performed oral sex on a teenage boy on the bus.