Ought to be a law? These students think so, too

Published March 23, 2007

High school students from Hillsborough County introduced House Bill 1161 into the Legislature on Tuesday as part of local lawmakers' annual "Ought to be A Law" program.

Conceived by Rep. Kevin Ambler, R-Lutz, and now in partnership with Sen. Victor Crist, R-Tampa, "Ought to be A Law" challenges students to draft bills that they believe should be enacted as laws.

The team with this year's winning bill consists of Jennifer Madden (Gaither High School), Hannah Volz (Sickles High), Sam Jennings (Jefferson High), Kyle Simmons (King High), Jonathan Porat (Hillsborough High), Tomac Gacio (Bloomingdale High), and Brett Palaschak (Spoto High).

Their bill, submitted to the House Committee on 21st Century Competitiveness, proposes to offer paid internships for high school students, and gives participating companies tax credits for doing so.