Neff breaks through at Hudson Bowl

Published March 28, 2007

At the end of last month, Hudson Bowl hosted the Senior Bowlers of America Tour.

The winner was former pro and former owner of Neffer's Bowl in Homosassa, Steve Neff. Neff had competed semi-regularly on the SBA tour the past three years without winning a tournament crown.

On hand for the tournament was all-time SBA title leader Lenny Biondi. He has 14 tournament titles, including one to start 2007 when the tour stopped at Semoran Lanes in Orlando.

On Feb. 24, the tournament at Hudson was formatted for scratch bowling and a six-game qualifying opening round. With more than 30 entries, the design of the finals included 10 bowlers advancing to compete for the crown. In the end, Neff came out above the rest.

O'GRADY BIG SERIES: Melanie O'Grady has gained a reputation as this area's show stopper as far as females on the lanes.

A couple weeks ago at Hudson Bowl, O'Grady only emphasized that reputation with a 720 series during the Hammer High Rollers League at the center on Monday night. Led by a 259 high game, good for third in the county over that two-week span, O'Grady tossed a 700.

She was joined on that list by another Hudson regular, Aprill Smyth. Smyth pitched her own 700 with a 703 pin total in the Hammer Classic League that same week on Thursday night.


High Scratch Series (Male)

Joe Reindeau, 796, Industrial, Tarpon Lanes

Mike Smith Jr., 771, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Dave Milliken, 768, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Rich Garner, 762, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Joe Reindeau, 751, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Series (Female)

Melanie O'Grady, 720, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Aprill Smyth, 703, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Melissa Leathen, 670, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Jillian Kennedy, 625, Monday Mixers, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Game (Male)

Bill Smith, 300, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Richard Craig, 300, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Jason Mahr, 299, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Joe Reindeau, 297, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

Roy Brown, 295, Industrial, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Game (Female)

Melissa Leathen, 279, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Terrie Lance, 278, Wednesday Business Mixed, Hudson Bowl

Melanie O'Grady, 259, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Vickie Villard, 229, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

Jillian Kennedy, 227, Monday Mixers, Tarpon Lanes