Be prepared

Things you can and can't bring, concession and souvenir information.

By Times staff writer
Published March 30, 2007

What you can't bring

- Food and (alcoholic) beverages

- Glass bottles and cans

- Coolers

- Stadium seats

- Firearms and weapons

- Fireworks

- Commercial signs and banners

- Signs and banners that impair spectator vision or safety

- Lawn furniture, folding chairs (except in RV Park)

- Pets (except certified service animals)

- Scaffolding, ladders, stepstool or other structures

- Noise makers, horns, helium balloons, beach balls

- Bicycles and scooters

- Skates, skateboards, rollerblades

- Motorcycles, off-road vehicles

- Handbills and pamphlets

What you should bring

- Ear plugs, see hearing protection (below)

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat/visor

- Walking shoes

- A notepad for autographs

- Binoculars

- Camera or videocamera

- Money for concessions and souvenirs

Hearing protection

Permanent hearing loss occurs from prolonged exposure to sound levels higher than 85 dB (It is 115 dB about 10 feet from a race car). Use earplugs like Ellen Burkhart above. They are sold at the event for $2. Or you can wear sound-blocking earmuffs, like twins Tyler and Colin.

Concessions & souvenirs

- Adult T-shirt $22

- Event coffee mug $10

- Poster $10

- Keychain $3

To order online, hondagrandprixstore.com


- Hot dog $4

- Water/soft drinks $3

- Beer $6

- Gatorade $4

- Pizza and fries $6

Based on last year's prices