The cars: What you'll see

By Times staff writer
Published March 30, 2007

Indy Racing League IndyCar series: The drivers who contest the Indianapolis 500 take over downtown streets in cars powered by normally aspirated, 3.5-liter V-8 engines. Speeds can top more than 180 on the frontstretch. It will be loud and fast.

Indy Pro Series: Prospects learn the ropes in slightly less muscled versions of the IndyCars. They also run V8s but these produce about 450 horsepower to 650 for IndyCars. At Homestead the IndyCar pole speed was 214.322 mph; in Indy Pro it was 187.280.

American LeMans Series: Arguably more like stock car racing than NASCAR, at least in the GT classes, ALMS features four classes of cars. Tracing its bloodlines to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, ALMS' Aston Martins and Ferraris add a touch of Euro class.

The drifters: Tuner cars, modified versions of the ones you'll pass on the way home, are put through controlled burnouts in a mix of artistry and power. It's the new thing, and the kids just love it.