Candidate replies

Published April 1, 2007

Marilynn deChant New Port Richey City Council

I take my role on City Council seriously. I do not avoid doing the work required to make the best decisions for the good of New Port Richey and its citizens. These decisions are based not on short-term gain, but rather long-term good.

I will not be pressured to make decisions that serve self-interest and profit only a few. Elected officials and public servants have a responsibility to the whole community and its future. My commitment is to serve the whole community and take a visionary approach that looks at holistic quality of life, not just narrowly defined economic development.

I do not avoid making tough decisions that may be unpopular. It is my job to listen and ask the tough questions.

I love New Port Richey, and I have the heart to continue the work. I ask the residents of New Port Richey to vote on April 10 to re-elect me, so that I can continue to be a voice for the people and to watch over the responsible redevelopment of our fair city while maintaining its lovely, historical character.

Together we can keep New Port Richey that oasis away from the outsized growth of U.S. 19 while we also make our town into a visitor's destination with bed and breakfasts, specialty shopping, and great restaurants.

I promise to continue to do my utmost to be a good, effective council member for the city of New Port Richey. I'd sincerely appreciate your vote on April 10.