Hey, nice tattoos, buddy; now you're under arrest

Published April 1, 2007

DADE CITY - Say you want to rob a bank. You might want to go in looking like a normal customer, then spring the robbery on the teller once you get to the counter.

But if you've got huge tattoos that police will use to identify you later, you might want to cover those up.

Keith Beams didn't, according to police. They say when he robbed two Dade City banks this month, he showcased the fiery dragon on his right calf and the cross on his inner right arm - something noted by witnesses and picked up on bank security cameras.

Dade City police arrested Beams, 39, of Dade City, Friday on two charges of armed robbery.

He is suspected of robbing the San Antonio Citizens Credit Union, 37925 Church Ave., on March 20 and the Centerstate Bank of West Florida, 14045 Seventh St., on Thursday.

Police say he went into the banks, demanded $50,000 and said he had a gun.

Beams is being held in the Land O'Lakes jail without bail.