Crime journal

Published April 7, 2007



Law enforcement agents testified Friday about the large amount of evidence found in the suburban Orlando homes of Rafael Rondon and Emeregildo Roman after they were arrested in the Band-Aid Bandit bank robberies. At Rondon's house, officers found a cooler filled with wigs, false mustaches, a silver revolver, ski masks, baseball caps and $84,116 in cash - most of it still in straps that read "Fifth Third Bank." At Roman's home, they discovered a plastic container that held more than $90,000, also in bank straps. They also found a revolver in a golf bag. Authorities say the pair robbed 39 banks in the Tampa Bay area between 2000 and 2006.

Mom says baby wasn't abandoned

From the police report, the case sounded clear-cut: A mom abandoned her infant son in a car seat on the hood of someone's car. Police arrested the mom, Jajuana Y. Broxton, 26, just before midnight on a felony charge of child neglect. From there, the story gets murkier. The car's driver, Reginald Johnson, 29, said he knows Broxton but not the baby. Broxton said she dated Johnson for five years but that Johnson disputed he was Anthony's father. She said she dropped the baby off with Johnson about 5:30 p.m. in a car seat along with a diaper bag stocked with supplies. Both have lengthy arrest records. The baby, 8-month-old Anthony Johnson, wasn't hurt.


Assault brings kidnapping charge

A 35-year-old man faces a charge of kidnapping, accused of attacking a woman was riding a scooter on a sidewalk Thursday, sheriff's deputies say. According to deputies, Robert Wilbur Wadsworth, 35, grabbed his victim about 9 p.m. at 815 S Bryan Road in Brandon as she was riding a scooter. He dragged her about 50 feet into nearby woods, told her he "was going to hurt her," and tried to pull off her shorts, the victim told deputies. She broke free and ran home, where her boyfriend waited. The attacker followed her but fled when the boyfriend confronted him. Deputies arrested Wadsworth, who has no known address, soon after. He was being held without bail at the Orient Road Jail.


Beer break was a bad idea

It's not often that inmates can step out for a beer and cigarettes. But two inmates in the Pasco County jail found a way, and now they face additional time there. Preston K. Troxell, 35, of New Port Richey and Elwood R. Carwile, 40, of Land O'Lakes were in the Sheriff's Office garage Thursday afternoon as part of a detail sent to get tools. While in the garage, according to a deputy's report, they opened two seized vehicles and grabbed a Bud Light, several packs of cigarettes and two money orders. Perhaps not surprisingly, a Sheriff's Office employee was watching, and the two were arrested.