City hires versed transit manager

The executive has worked with mass transit in Chicago and Detroit.

By Times staff writer
Published April 11, 2007

TAMPA - An executive with mass transit experience in two northern urban centers has been named to fill the city's new transit manager post.

Elaine R. McCloud, 50, who grew up in Birmingham, Ala., previously worked with the Chicago Transit Authority and the Detroit Department of Transportation.

She will start in Tampa April 23, at an annual salary of $95,000, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio announced Tuesday.

In a telephone interview, McCloud said her most recent transit experience was as a member of executive management team at CTA, the second largest multi-modal transit system in North America, where she worked for five years.

She and her husband moved to Odessa's Keystone Reserve subdivision about 18 months ago from Chicago.

"In just my short 18 months, I'm beginning to see a tremendous amount of congestion," she said of Tampa traffic. "It used to be just in the peak times of the day.

"I think, clearly, the goal here is to try to heighten awareness in helping people understand the positive role that a regional transit system can play."

McCloud is a graduate of DePaul University, and holds a master's of business administration from Northern Illinois University.

In Chicago, she developed local and regional transit initiatives, and managed the CTA's paratransit operation.

In her new role, she will focus on transit for the city and the region, helping to plan for a rail system and improving the bus system.

She will also be in charge of planning a circulator system for the downtown core and Westshore area, and helping the city revise the comprehensive plan to include transit and grow in a way that supports rail corridors.