Truck crashes into bridge, leaks diesel fuel

Cleanup and repairs are under way.

Published April 11, 2007

TAMPA - A semitrailer truck cab crashed into the side of the 22nd Street Causeway on Tuesday evening, spilling diesel fuel and bringing southbound traffic to a halt.

The driver, whose truck was not towing a trailer, apparently lost control and smashed into the concrete guardrail on the left side of the bridge's southbound span. Though the collision did not seriously hurt the driver, it destroyed a 15-foot section of guardrail and leaked more than 40 gallons of diesel fuel into the water, according to Tampa Fire Rescue officials.

A state Department of Transportation crew worked late Tuesday to clean up the roughly 25 gallons of fuel that remained on the bridge and to install a temporary guardrail in the damaged section, said department supervisor Jerry Griner. He said the bridge would be reopened in time for today's morning commute.