Area pair fare well among state's best

Published April 12, 2007

Rich Garner and Melanie O'Grady are used to shining on big stages, and the Pasco residents did it again over the weekend at a major state tournament.

Spring Hill Lanes in Hernando County hosted the 18th annual Florida State Mixed Team and Doubles Championships the past three weekends with the event wrapping up Sunday.

Garner placed in the top 10 in the male scratch standings. The top 12 cashed out in the competition with Garner placing seventh overall. His pin total of 1,379 was 100 less than eventual champion Vernon Peterson of Winter Haven (1,446).

O'Grady, a regular at Hudson Bowl, made her mark on the female side in the scratch standings. With only the top seven cashing out, O'Grady finished sixth, edging Mary Jo Short of Brooksville (1,232). The New Port Richey resident amassed a pin total of 1,241.

The overall male and female standings were calculated by totaling each bowler's scores from the doubles and team events. No Pasco entrants finished in the money.

NORTH VS. SOUTH: Lane Glo Lanes North and Lane Glo Lanes South are hosting their monthly cooperative North vs. South Tournament.

The centers host the handicap tournament with four games bowled at each location.

On April 29 the event will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the North center in Port Richey. After all entries have bowled four qualifying games, the event moves to the New Port Richey South center at 12:30 p.m.

The field is only open to Lane Glo Lanes league bowlers. It is a handicap tournament with averages based on 90 percent of 220. All averages will be taken from current league averages. Entries will be open until the day of the event with a $30 entry fee.

For more information, either Lane Glo Lanes location can be contacted. The numbers are (727) 848-2566 for the North center and (727) 376-1164 for the South location.

O'GRADY BIG SERIES: O'Grady has gained a reputation as this area's show stopper as far as females on the lanes.

A couple weeks ago at Hudson Bowl, O'Grady only emphasized that reputation with a 720 series during the Hammer High Rollers League at the center on Monday night.

Led by a 259 high game, good for third in the county over that two-week span, the veteran bowler tossed a 700.

O'Grady was joined on that list by another Hudson regular, Aprill Smyth. Smyth pitched her own 700 with a 703 pin total in the Hammer Classic League that same week on Thursday night.


High Scratch Series (Male)

Joe Reindeau, 796, Industrial, Tarpon Lanes

Mike Smith Jr., 771, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Dave Milliken, 768, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Rich Garner, 762, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Joe Reindeau, 751, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Series (Female)

Melanie O'Grady, 720, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Aprill Smyth, 703, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Melissa Leathen, 670, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Jillian Kennedy, 625, Monday Mixers, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Game (Male)

Bill Smith, 300, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Richard Craig, 300, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Jason Mahr, 299, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Joe Reindeau, 297, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

Roy Brown, 295, Industrial, Tarpon Lanes

High Scratch Game (Female)

Melissa Leathen, 279, Hammer Classic, Hudson Bowl

Terrie Lance, 278, Wednesday Business Mixed, Hudson Bowl

Melanie O'Grady, 259, Hammer High Rollers, Hudson Bowl

Vickie Villard, 229, Key West, Tarpon Lanes

Jillian Kennedy, 227, Monday Mixers, Tarpon Lanes